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Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation offers special legal packages to start-up internet businesses, which seek to provide those internet entrepreneur with core legal documentation for purposes of launching an eBusiness. These packages are tailored to the specific needs of the particular internet business and provides discounts by packaging a number of core legal documents at a reduced price through their combined purchase, together with a set amount of legal consultation time.*

Legal documentation that may constitute a part of an internet start-up package might include:

. company incorporation

. unanimous shareholders' agreement

. technology partnership agreement

. end user license agreement

. website terms + conditions; privacy policy

. employment contract; independent contractor agreement

. consulting services contract

. sales contract; purchase order

. non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement

Given that each internet-based business only has specific requirements, we look to shape the start-up packages to meet your eBusiness' particular legal needs. As such, contact Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation via  email or phone 416-887-9702 / 403-400-4092 to find out more about the internet start-up packages that we offer (including particulars and pricing).

* Legal consulatation and work undertaken beyond the time provided for in the start-up packages will be charged at the legal rates and prices as set forth in our retainer agreement, which is a pre-requisite to our commencing legal work.


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